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15th August 2014

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Study Reveals It Costs Much Less to House The Homeless Than to Leave Them on the Street

Not only is it morally wrong to let people live desperately on the streets, but it doesn’t make much economical sense either.

A new study has found that it’s significantly cheaper to house the homeless than leave them on the streets.

University of North Carolina Charlotte researchers released a study on Monday that tracked chronically homeless adults housed in the Moore Place facility run by Charlotte’s Urban Ministry Center (UMC) in partnership with local government. Housing these people led to dramatic cost savings that more than paid for the cost of putting them in decent housing, including $1.8 million in health care savings from 447 fewer ER visits (78% reduction) and 372 fewer hospital days (79% reduction). Tenants also spent 84 fewer days in jail, with a 72% drop in arrests.

Moore Place cost $6 million in land and construction costs, and tenants are required to contribute 30% of their income (mainly benefits) towards rent. The remainder of the $14,000 per tenant annually is covered by donations and local and federal funding. According to the UNCC study, that $14,000 pales in comparison to the costs a chronically homeless person racks up every year to society — a stunning $39,458 in combined medical, judicial and other costs.

What’s more, Moore Place is enabling the formerly homeless to find their own sources of income. Without housing, just 50% were able to generate any income. One year after move-in, they’re up to 82%. And after an average length of 7 years of homelessness, 94% of the original tenants retained their housing after 18 months, with a 99% rent collection rate.

The general population is biased: The original proposal for Moore Place was “controversial, if not ridiculed,” according to the Charlotte Observer. Locals mocked the idea that giving the homeless subsidized housing would do any good. A 2011 report commissioned by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority found that people have condescending attitudes towards the homeless, with the public perceiving higher levels of substance abuse problems (91%) and mental health issues (85%) than reported by the homeless themselves (41% and 24% respectively). It concluded that if “personal failings as the main cause of homelessness, it is unlikely that they will vote for increased public assistance or volunteer to help the homeless themselves.

But “you can’t argue with the statistics," said UMC housing director Caroline Chambre. “This approach was controversial at one time because of the stereotype of who the homeless are, and we had to change that stereotype.

In 2012, total welfare spending for the poor was just 0.47% of the federal budget. It turns out that maybe if we spent a little more to help the chronically destitute solve their problems, we could save a lot of money.

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15th August 2014

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13th August 2014

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Anti-Israel is Better than Anti-Zionist →






I greatly appreciate your response.

I think you kind of said what I meant. What I mean to say is that the reason it was called “Zionism” is because Zion was the historic Jewish…

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18th July 2014

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I’ve been waiting for this gif set

the way this fucking guy is bouncing you know he believes this so im taking this to heart today

I adore him.

he’s gonna be a great father

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14th July 2014


Senior project.

My research deals with the  intergenerational transmission of trauma through the holocaust in the Jewish culture and how it relates to Jewish identity  It is funny,  people always say that  you chose research on something that we have a connection too, in a more spiritual sense i think perhaps we do research on something that we need closure or an explanation for.  Regardless, my research has given me the chance to reflect not only on my culture/religion but also on how the history of my family has affected me a person. As many  American Jews, my genology has been fragmented and vauge, I know that I am from Russia and romania and Hungary Yet, where my ancestors lived, what they did, who they maried and if they moved to America are all unknown.  I am in part an orphan to  my past, disjointed by the shadows of evil and unknown. Through this academic journey, I have learned or more so confirms that five of the nine children of my father’s great grandparents were killed while in Russia as a result of them being Jewish. although it has always been assumed that the ancestors of my parents who did not immigrate were all killed, learning that they were actually murdered has a very different feeling. I guess I was not expecting it, but it feels almost like heaviness in my heart. Which seems strange to have such an emotional reaction towards these almost strangers whose names are unknown, pictures and faces unseen and stories untold. I guess it is just further showing or reaffirming that the trauma is still there. Regardless, I am excited for the rest of research and am excited for the rest of this journey both academically and personally.

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14th July 2014

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Doing my senior work and got distracted.

This is why I can’t do my research at  night.

 I forget that my research will inevitable relate back to me, that I am the third or fourth generation of the holocaust.

I forget that my ancestors who did not immigrate to the US were forgotten  and erased as the Jews were confined to the ghetto in Minsk.

I forget the resemblance  the women  seen in pictures, staring into the camera aware of their fate have to me. That if  I were born sixty years earlier  it could have been me in those photos instead of them.

I forget that I am  a Jew and as a fourth generation  I wear my identity with  pride, for it was the strength of those before me, the strength of those who chose death over hiding their faith, the strength of those who fight for the country of Israel, the strength of my ancestors who left everything to save their themselves knowing it was the last time they would see their families. It is this strength of my people of my identity. 

 I am Jewish by birth but I am a Jew by choice.

Did I mention i had to do a synopsis ? my sinuses hurt so bad right now haha but it has been an amazing week.  

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14th July 2014

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going to sound like a bitch

Quiet hours starts at 10. I don’t want to hear my resident’s ducking VOices ! I just don’t want to hear it. Shut the fuck up.  Ia know that it is not all their fault that the sound does travel a lot in the hall but. Pleaase Shut the hell up. I don’t want to hear you anymore. I’m so tired of being nice, i really am. I am going to be MEGA Bitch CA.  I don’t care, I love the girls TO DEATh I really do but they need to show some respect to the other residents who live on this floor. I know that I am being way to angry about this and if i wanted to I should just shush them„ But I am so tired of shushing.  I am just being pissy because i a m stressed about school lol. But seriously I don’t want to hear them.
End rant

13th July 2014

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The main gate at Buchenwald Concentration Camp.The slogan 'Jedem das Seine' mean literally, “to each his own”, but figuratively “everyone gets what he deserves”


The main gate at Buchenwald Concentration Camp.
The slogan 'Jedem das Seine' mean literally, “to each his own”, but figuratively “everyone gets what he deserves”

13th July 2014

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I’m sorry I was born a Jew, but only because I wish I had the privilege of choosing Judaism on my own.

Louis Brandeis (via seekingshleimut)

This quote is even more powerful because of WHY he said it.

"A story is told about Louis Brandeis (1856-1941), who was a student at Harvard Law School at a time when there were explicit limits on what Jews could hope to achieve [1875-1877ish]. Quotas were in effect and many law offices were completely closed to Jewish attorneys. When Brandeis was in school, his colleagues would say, “Brandeis, you’re brilliant. If you weren’t a Jew, you could end up on the Supreme Court. Why don’t you convert? Then all of your problems would be solved.”

Brandeis did not respond to such comments, but on the occasion of his official introduction to an exclusive honor society at the law school, Brandeis took the podium and announced, “I am sorry I was born a Jew.” His words were greeted with enthusiastic applause, shouts, and cheers. But when the noise died down he continued. “I’m sorry I was born a Jew, but only because I wish I had the privilege of choosing Judaism on my own.”

The initial response of stunned silence slowly gave way to awed applause. Ultimately, his anti-Semitic peers rose and gave him a standing ovation.”

(Choosing a Jewish Life, Anita Diamant)

I added this! I hate Tumblr’s formatting :-P

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13th July 2014

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Anonymous said: If Jews are so fucking great why aren't you the dominant religion? Fucking kike.



so let me explain you a thing.

jews have been persecuted for millenniums. i’m not going to say anything about the exodus, given its dubious history, but let’s see if i can name a few things. but don’t worry, it’ll all tie into your question.

1. we start in 586 BCE when the first temple of solomon was destroyed by the babylonians. the babylonians dispersed some and killed the rest of the jews. after the fall of the babylonian empire, the temple was rebuilt. everything was going great (kinda, let’s not forget about the persecution of the jews under alexander the great), the ptolemies were great to the jews!

2. then this shitlord named antiochus came along and demanded the inclusion of the greek pantheon in the holiest of holy places, yanno, what with the hellenization. jews refused, rebellion, lots of jews killed. greek officials ask a jewish priest to conduct a greek sacrifice in the holy of holies, he refuses, he kills himself, his son rises up…. i’m cutting this short because this is the story of the festival of hanukkah… 

3. roman era comes along, jews under roman role. pompey desecrated the temple by entering the holiest of holies, jews revolt, are killed and stopped in 43 BCE. romans occupied judea during this time… and you know that dude yeshua was around… 

4. so at around 20 BCE the temple was renovated after all the sacking and looting, and redubbed herod’s temple. things are okay, until aforementioned yeshua makes claims to being the Christ, he dies, romans are pissed at this sect of judaism, jews are pissed because romans are occupying their land. so the great revolt happens, the temple is destroyed, and jews are banned from living in judea. 

5. so remember that sect of judaism i was talking about? yeah, that was christianity. and how did the christians thank the children of israel, now without a home and banned from returning to their holy land? they won’t fucking let them live anywhere christendom has touched. 

6. any place that did allow the jews… well, they didn’t really allow jews. the diaspora lasted for centuries, and jews were subjected to forced conversions and genocide during the middle ages, into the renaissance… into the enlightenment………… are we sensing a pattern here?

7. and i’m just going to briefly point to the shoah as a thing that happened.

so why aren’t there more jews?

we have been systematically killed, forced to forsake our religion, and allowed no places to live. even now, there are murders and housing contracts against the jewish people. and don’t say ‘waaah but america and rights and white jews!’ yeah, the ku klux klan resurged as the knights of mary phagan… after lynching a jew not even a hundred fucking years ago.

the world appropriated our message and skewed the very tenants of love, harmony, and acceptance. we have been silenced, and the world at large has attempted to erase us.

so that’s why we’re not the dominant religion, in so many words, thank you very fucking much.